I’m interested in advertising, writing, traveling, innovation, creativity, understanding youth, participatory culture and the impact of new media and technology in our society.


Some work projects I was involved:

  • Eternal Walker – Johnnie Walker
  • Smirnoff – Spotify Equalizer
  • Paint Project – Grolsch
  • Ad Campaign – Arequipeño que se respeta
  • Short Film Ley 1 – Pilsen Callao
  • E-Commerce – Pilsen Callao
  • Salvemos al Otorongo – San Juan
  • Street Pixels – Grolsch
  • Biciclaje – Maltín Power
  • First Handmade Outdoor Loom of the World – Cusqueña
  • Ad Campaign Visita a tu Pata – Pilsen Callao
  • Ad Campaign – Guaraná Retro
  • Abraxas Beer – Interactive Magazine Ad
  • Exclusive Site for Independent Beauty Consultants – Yanbal International
  • Compendium III – Short Film Tinkerbell
  • Miles off Track – Sustainable Travel
  • Ad Campaign – Red Privada Movistar – RPM

Some academic projects I was involved:

  • Political Polarization in Social Networks.
  • Feasibility of Search Neutrality: Challenges posed by the algorithm for the regulation of search engines.
  • Stereotypes in search engine results.
  • Preferences of search engines and their effects on information.
  • The imaginary of Artificial Intelligence and its representation in the cinema.
  • The participation of women in the creation of creative ideas and advertising concepts.