RPM – Movistar

Project Overview

Since 2002, Movistar, the largest Telecommunication Company in Latin America is positioned in the market with a service called Movistar Private Network Service (RPM), addressed to the business sector.

Movistar Private Network (RPM) is known in almost all business segments (small, medium and large), and Movistar wanted to use this opportunity to strengthen RPM communication and the benefits of the service in the domestic market.


Positioned RPM in the domestic market by associating the concept of community and better communication at lower rates. Unlink costumer’s previous perception of RPM as a business service and by the contrary link it as a friendly, familiar with refreshing young look.

Solutions and Services:

As an advertising analyst I was part of the team in charge of the creative and strategic direction for this campaign. I was the liaison between the Marketing Department and Y&R Advertising Agency. I played an active role in strategy sessions, approving ads, supervising media plans and monitoring production and media budgets as well as elaborating the creative brief.

Point of Sale Poster


Outstanding reception from the target audience. A huge increase of migrations to RPM post paid lines since the launch of the campaign. RPM Multi Media Campaign was also nominated to various Advertising Awards in Peru.

Press Ad - Motive 1

Press Ad - Motive 2